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Darashan Chaurasia
Darashan Chaurasia PrieŇ° 8 val
@apple Watch this!
Snehaj Chattopadhyay
Snehaj Chattopadhyay PrieŇ° 8 val
Truly talented
Mohammed Sahwan
Mohammed Sahwan PrieŇ° 8 val
hi, best LTburnr. what's the purpose of scamming us with there new ''technology''
robert mosquera
robert mosquera PrieŇ° 8 val
People in 2050: What are you talking about and why do the phones not have 10 cameras
sdnalyam PrieŇ° 8 val
Major advantage Apple has is software updates. I have an iPhone 5s and got an update a week ago. So 6 years. Even Google phones only have 3 years. Cheaper to buy a 2 year old iPhone.
SOLO VS SQUAD PrieŇ° 8 val
shankar nadar
shankar nadar PrieŇ° 8 val
The Right Hand SSR with some education
The Right Hand SSR with some education PrieŇ° 8 val
Idiots 6g was not an impostor
Anand Arokianathan
Anand Arokianathan PrieŇ° 8 val
This is what you call one in a trillion chance....the photographer had to be in that exact location in that exact micro second to make that exact create so much chaos...ūüėāūüėāūü§£ūü§£
N-1466-10 HRIMAN J VAGHASIA PrieŇ° 8 val
dude right now there a pandemic maybe thats why apple has reduced their prices.
Fotis Koumoulas
Fotis Koumoulas PrieŇ° 8 val
I love that every year you change phone brand , 2018 it was huawei, 2019 it was samsung, 2020 it is apple. That's mean that you are not a fanboy and that's why I can trust you
Lotfullah Tofan
Lotfullah Tofan PrieŇ° 8 val
4g is more than enough to make all people isolated from each other! You can't even find someone love others, only love the profiles. With 5G we get more wave pollution, it we get 6G, it means out body cells will die with no reasons and there will a cancer pandemic instead of coronavirus ūüėĘ
Mac Banks
Mac Banks PrieŇ° 8 val
This a phone or a screen protector?
Adwaith Manoj
Adwaith Manoj PrieŇ° 8 val
I actually had to make finger gloves because my hands sweat a lot during gaming
booktastic group
booktastic group PrieŇ° 8 val
You can talk to me I am a youtube about science I have 4 subscribers and it takes a month to make one u am not gonna stop ever
Georgina Shanti
Georgina Shanti PrieŇ° 8 val
I just can't justify spending that much money for a phone, when a mid range phone would work just as well. Can't get my head around the price tag. Edit: A lot of the comments below are a bit nasty. It's just a phone review done by an individual.
Ques lordes
Ques lordes PrieŇ° 8 val
8:27 anybody noticed the dog on right??
Lyncitia PrieŇ° 8 val
Tbh if someone gave me this smartphone as a gift, i would probably use it as a weight to hold my bookpages down.
Radar Gaming
Radar Gaming PrieŇ° 8 val
Suhant Mehta
Suhant Mehta PrieŇ° 8 val
Need a video like this for OnePlus!
Vamsi Dev
Vamsi Dev PrieŇ° 8 val
Click bait trapped
JanLoc PrieŇ° 8 val
A sub to the channel would be... ... Magical!
Wiki Beast
Wiki Beast PrieŇ° 8 val
2050: ūüėú Apple will only put the iPhone charger in the box claiming as the most expensive human charging device. Though, iPhone mobiles will be of the cheapest ones. ūüėú
Bobby Nickles
Bobby Nickles PrieŇ° 8 val
no video today but i'll be back tomorrow FOLKS
The NoOB
The NoOB PrieŇ° 8 val
"I think the OnePlus Nord has a lot more care put to it" *Jerry rig everthing snapping it intensifies*
Vishnu Sudarshan
Vishnu Sudarshan PrieŇ° 8 val
I agree with you, Apple is openning up more, and that is what made me like Apple over Android
Sachith Heshan Hirimuthugoda
Sachith Heshan Hirimuthugoda PrieŇ° 8 val
Someone's got a sponsorship ūüėā
The NoOB
The NoOB PrieŇ° 8 val
60% of comments: RiCkRoLl 30% of comments: 69% battery 10% of comments: others
Dee?ak X
Dee?ak X PrieŇ° 8 val
iPhone sucks nowūüėí
Bobby Nickles
Bobby Nickles PrieŇ° 8 val
"You can't use apple products to build nuclear weapons" There go my weekend plans
GAMER GUY 7426 PrieŇ° 8 val
I did this
blu berry
blu berry PrieŇ° 8 val
My dad has a couple of vertus, he only used them for a couple of months
Sean Aiden
Sean Aiden PrieŇ° 8 val
So he has swapped his sim a day ago
Segs ways
Segs ways PrieŇ° 8 val
Send the signal from satellites...
Alexander Nachalnichki
Alexander Nachalnichki PrieŇ° 8 val
800USD is a budget phone ? I guess some do live in a parallel universe
Jess Kess
Jess Kess PrieŇ° 9 val
Of course it was the Karen who complained about her laptop breaking
siddhu siddharth
siddhu siddharth PrieŇ° 9 val
Bro plz compare OnePlus 8t or 8pro vs iphone 12 mini
HoaaDrive DK
HoaaDrive DK PrieŇ° 9 val
S\/B to my channel ūü§ó I will support you ūü§ó
mubking otaku
mubking otaku PrieŇ° 9 val
It's 2020 and Xiaomi is fighting head to head with Samsung
fine videos
fine videos PrieŇ° 9 val
I subscribe
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara PrieŇ° 9 val
Flex 2 was over shadowed by LTburnr bias towards samsung and the SD810 saga
Ayesha Mahsud
Ayesha Mahsud PrieŇ° 9 val
I have watched this video 5 times over 5 months of time and i always wanted to do what you do but i don't have the money to review a single new phone. I hope you read this and send me my first phone to review any phone would do i would be greatfull. I lost my business and i don't have a job because of covid. I hope you see this and get back to me. Best of luck for the future
fine videos
fine videos PrieŇ° 9 val
I subscribe back
Talps Citcra
Talps Citcra PrieŇ° 9 val
Subcribe to me
Haziq Syeed
Haziq Syeed PrieŇ° 9 val this is so cool
FGMX PrieŇ° 9 val
I'm a starter, you're my aspiration.
suvradeep sutradhar
suvradeep sutradhar PrieŇ° 9 val
I, Yota, had a vision.
Somalochoŗ¶®ŗ¶ĺ ŗ¶łŗ¶ģŗ¶ĺŗ¶≤ŗßčŗ¶öŗ¶®ŗ¶ĺ
Somalochoŗ¶®ŗ¶ĺ ŗ¶łŗ¶ģŗ¶ĺŗ¶≤ŗßčŗ¶öŗ¶®ŗ¶ĺ PrieŇ° 9 val
Mannn... i just need any phone from that list, please give away ūüėĀ
Red Fox Emperor
Red Fox Emperor PrieŇ° 9 val
Metal is the best material. As it is the best for headphones and if it is shiny It looks classical and cool.
bro's lifehacks
bro's lifehacks PrieŇ° 9 val
Jiophone runs on kai os.
Cleezty on IG
Cleezty on IG PrieŇ° 9 val
3:25 thats what my almost 4yo s8 can do
Green Apple
Green Apple PrieŇ° 9 val
the moment i see Zenfone AR on the thumbnail..i click without hesitation
Summer Rayner
Summer Rayner PrieŇ° 9 val
Try the front cameras and tell me samsung is good..
Lami Avrora
Lami Avrora PrieŇ° 9 val
*In his shirt, **_whoistheboss_** is written in Japanese.* _Please heart this comment if you read this._
HńĪyar King
HńĪyar King PrieŇ° 9 val
Me:wow this game seems legit Game:yeah im totally legit Also game: Ultra mega bombastic totally malware wi-fi invader dont install me im dumb
B V PrieŇ° 9 val
They upped the price so even I, a massive tech lover, stopped changing my phones so regularly because it's so much money. Tech is slower to grow, so why spend so much money. I was actually disappointed with my upgrade after 3 years... usually I am wowed with each upgrade but the last few have been unimpressive, making it even less likely that I change more than every 3 years.
ž∂ĒžßÄŪõą PrieŇ° 9 val
Don,t lie of sumsang
RegularEverydayNormalGuy PrieŇ° 9 val
The camera in the 8T is really bad. I have the 8T now, I compared it to my old oneplus 3 and my old phone taking way more detailed photos with better colors (same results with gcam).
Animation Art
Animation Art PrieŇ° 9 val
Why am I here
Rivera Marco
Rivera Marco PrieŇ° 9 val
I think apple is just making their product for people to be able to afford not like the other companies where price is what matters the most. Be happy that apple is making life a bit easier
Michelle Werbiski
Michelle Werbiski PrieŇ° 9 val
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Ben Veldkamp
Ben Veldkamp PrieŇ° 9 val
Watching this 4 years later and he has almost 6 million subs
Mircu 2208
Mircu 2208 PrieŇ° 9 val
A sub to the channel would be gorgeus
HARSH PrieŇ° 9 val
U speak in hindi please in once
Kapil Maharjan
Kapil Maharjan PrieŇ° 9 val
Apple is adapted
Ashfaqur Rahman Khan
Ashfaqur Rahman Khan PrieŇ° 9 val
I prefer metal on back of a phone.
Proslay 123
Proslay 123 PrieŇ° 9 val
Ricyrna Ilanga
Ricyrna Ilanga PrieŇ° 9 val
After 13 years of using android, i recently purchased and iphone 12 pro max. Android phones like Note 20 ultra in the middle east have an exynos 990 chip and i want a snapdragon and I cannot find one. They have a vietnam made but I want Korean made. So i guess its no good if I'll be spending money for an exynos rather than snapdragon so I just purchased An iphone. Slowly adjusting into it..
HńĪyar King
HńĪyar King PrieŇ° 9 val
Oh I got it. Buy an iOS device instead
Shayla YouTube
Shayla YouTube PrieŇ° 9 val
Dang this world ūüėĒ
Joshua Agyare
Joshua Agyare PrieŇ° 9 val
How can I contact you privately
Arnold J Rimmer BSC
Arnold J Rimmer BSC PrieŇ° 9 val
I still consider them to be expensive, I'm happy with a £150 samsung phone
Bangtan ARMY
Bangtan ARMY PrieŇ° 9 val
Highest value smartphones packed in trash-bags
Abdullahi Wada
Abdullahi Wada PrieŇ° 9 val
Shaving company??ūüėā It's Manscaped without you saying. They've been on football channels and many other tech channels
Enrikas Butavicius
Enrikas Butavicius PrieŇ° 9 val
Smart choice. IOS is more secure, better and have 6-7 years update
failure PrieŇ° 9 val
Nice shirt XD
Hrushikesh Paithankar
Hrushikesh Paithankar PrieŇ° 9 val
the best back a phone has ever had is the sandstone finish in One Plus 2. They should've made that the identity of the brand.
ŠīÄ…ī…™ŠīćŠīá„āĘ„Éč„É° PrieŇ° 9 val
1:40 is that a *Xbox Series X?*
Multy Guy
Multy Guy PrieŇ° 9 val
Why do I feel that apple payed you to Say that things about Them?
Marco Fiorillo
Marco Fiorillo PrieŇ° 9 val
The main problem is... why would you like to go in the "Cage"? There are so many good product, like Samsung Watches and Google Speakers etc etc...
Abhinav PrieŇ° 9 val
Best finish carbon fiber