The Self-Healing Smartphones!

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Welcome to 6 of the rarest smartphones around, including foldable and Self-Healing Phones, and why each of them failed!
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Mrwhosetheboss Prieš 5 dienų
For my Top smartphones of the Year video (Probably the best video I've made!): Also please excuse the excessive smoke in this video, decided to try a new smoke machine but ended up getting a bit carried away 😂
Vihax Prieš 10 val
Yo can you guys please help me? My parents promise that if I can get 10k subs with notis before Christmas they will get me a new Headset , and I really need a new one😊. If y’all could help that would be great, but if you don’t that’s fine.
criptyc pg3d
criptyc pg3d Prieš 19 val
Oh brother i use a huawei p30 lite and it legit doesn't waste oround 10 procen in 1 hour
aman verma
aman verma Prieš dieną
Please use descriptive titles
Darcy Hamada
Darcy Hamada Prieš dieną
Can you send atleast one to me for school purposes
Vishakha Korade
Vishakha Korade Prieš dieną
NINJA YT Prieš 40 sekundžių
0:02 This is Japan : (
rag e63
rag e63 Prieš 8 minučių
The flex was an awesome idea. It felt great. To bad that LG didn't continued it.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen Prieš 29 minučių
2046: Self new flagship phone update
Ben Perkins
Ben Perkins Prieš 53 minutes
Why didn’t they call the motorola razor the z and then the 5 mm one the razor I swear to god I would get paid 1/200 of the price and i could come up with better names
Potato Prieš 54 minutes
Yet people still get apple just cus it’s expensive
Meenansh Gupta
Meenansh Gupta Prieš val
Man, phones are going backwards... Just think about Nokia 3310
Otonashi Yuzuru
Otonashi Yuzuru Prieš val
My ideal smart phone finish would be granite XD
Jay'Ce Crenshaw
Jay'Ce Crenshaw Prieš val
Besides the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, my favorite Design Phone was the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G for Sprint. I Loved the Qwerty Keyboard, to me it was the Best Keyboard ever made for a Smart Phone. I really wish Samsung would have kept that Design a little while longer. I have the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 now and it even better than the first one, I miss the Epic, until I start playing with my Fold 2.
Rehan Hasan
Rehan Hasan Prieš val
And now samsung itself adopted plastic!
The Fun Dj
The Fun Dj Prieš val
android is green apple is red i got clickbated did you??
Milosz Grochola
Milosz Grochola Prieš 2 val
Lol my iPhone 6 was bend when I bought it
Ahmed Shihab
Ahmed Shihab Prieš 2 val
Where is this phone in the modern life
Ahmed Shihab
Ahmed Shihab Prieš 2 val
Kyoto good jobs
DARK TIGER Prieš 2 val
I Heard that wolverine cloth can able to healf itself.The fabric which can heal itself.Even used for satellites antenna.If they could somehow use this in smartphones that can make it possible.Just a concept of my own not really sure it works. Maybe I can be wrong.
Piyush Lanjewar
Piyush Lanjewar Prieš 2 val
We should make phones from Moulten Obsadian Which has a wooden structure
Adnan Husain
Adnan Husain Prieš 2 val
mrwhosetheboss plz give me one of them plz i really need it
Marius-Cristian Voicu
Marius-Cristian Voicu Prieš 2 val
i'd like to see a smartphone with carbonfiber as a "main" material in the near future
Xtreme Senpai
Xtreme Senpai Prieš 2 val
nadjib ninou
nadjib ninou Prieš 2 val
LG Always start new things then give up quiqly their smartphones marketing techniques are awful LG please just stop making smartphones it's not your field , stick to tv's and washing machines
Équinoxe Gaming
Équinoxe Gaming Prieš 2 val
I came for 1 I found many
Eugenio Gasparini
Eugenio Gasparini Prieš 2 val
My latest dream: A tech talk (session, or even better, a youtube channel) between: Mrwhosetheboss, MKBHD, ASBYT, unbox therapy, JerryRigEverything, Gupta information Systems, SuperSaf and TechStuff
IRON MAN Prieš 2 val
111k likes hmmm intersting
Mackenzie McIntyre
Mackenzie McIntyre Prieš 3 val
titanium on a big cell or carbon fiber on a smol one
Aahza Akmal
Aahza Akmal Prieš 3 val
How much is is that price I need it rn Prieš 3 val
#5 I can see it use for gaming like you can listen to music and play the games I do that sometimes and turn down the audio of the game
nesh nesharan
nesh nesharan Prieš 3 val
Z ultra is thinn
ImSpeedy Snail
ImSpeedy Snail Prieš 3 val
1:51 its still expensive
Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar Prieš 3 val
This Dude Sound like ROBO 😂😂😂
Jisha E
Jisha E Prieš 3 val
How many phone do you have? 😂😂😂😂
Hm Prieš 3 val
Most people who don't watch jojo wouldn't understand This is stronger than sheer heart attack impossible
DJ OVIDIUS Prieš 3 val
dude you ruin an lg flex jut because you dont make difference between scratch and deep marks. they refer to scratches left by daily use (in pocket, on the table...) only good thing is the you revive my memory with this beast phones that i have them (some of them, due to Europe location).
terrell hatch
terrell hatch Prieš 3 val
I remember the G Flex I had one it was a fun phone
Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh Prieš 4 val
I'd prefer a mobile made something like a rubber thing🤔🤔
Teddy Terdberglur
Teddy Terdberglur Prieš 4 val
You can watch two videos at the same time if you are crosseyed
Sohail Atif
Sohail Atif Prieš 4 val
when you realize that quarantine gave you the ability to sense clickbait
LANGIT 556 Prieš 4 val
2:36 swag. He watches Kurzgesagt
MR ZRK67 Prieš 4 val
2080: The Self-Performance-Increase Smartphones
Master Gamer Official
Master Gamer Official Prieš 4 val
iPhone 23s pro ultra max Xs super slim retina Lite in 2050 : Phone sold separately
CrippledAvacado Prieš 5 val
children: you cannot defeat me you pathetic mortal.
DIVYANSHU Prieš 5 val
Giving you strict for clickbat
Jimwayne Terana
Jimwayne Terana Prieš 5 val
cut the phone in half so you have 2 phones
Ugo Tsimaratos
Ugo Tsimaratos Prieš 5 val
I would say that the best smartphone finish to me is the cheapest / most recyclable one, since I will put a case on it no matter what...
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta Prieš 5 val
2050: Self living smartphone.
Madjuri xl
Madjuri xl Prieš 5 val
LG flez series little bir tricky. Cuz if u wana healing feature. U have to put your phone hot surface. Healing factor active after that. This is not cool LG.
Alok kesharwani
Alok kesharwani Prieš 6 val
Pov of self healing in 10:02
Alexis Dauba
Alexis Dauba Prieš 6 val
Every phone are foldable if you're brave enough.
Dank Boi
Dank Boi Prieš 7 val
We don't *NEED* phones that heal itself, We *NEED* phones that *DOESN'T* need to heal itself.
Henry Clements
Henry Clements Prieš 7 val
Plainrock124 has destroyed a yotaPhone
soshimee Prieš 8 val
what is useful on dual screen: watching a tutorial and doing it without switching apps
Radar Gaming
Radar Gaming Prieš 8 val
Vamsi Dev
Vamsi Dev Prieš 8 val
Click bait trapped
Wiki Beast
Wiki Beast Prieš 8 val
2050: 😜 Apple will only put the iPhone charger in the box claiming as the most expensive human charging device. Though, iPhone mobiles will be of the cheapest ones. 😜
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Prieš 8 val
Flex 2 was over shadowed by LTburnr bias towards samsung and the SD810 saga
suvradeep sutradhar
suvradeep sutradhar Prieš 8 val
I, Yota, had a vision.
Red Fox Emperor
Red Fox Emperor Prieš 9 val
Metal is the best material. As it is the best for headphones and if it is shiny It looks classical and cool.
Green Apple
Green Apple Prieš 9 val
the moment i see Zenfone AR on the thumbnail..i click without hesitation
Ashfaqur Rahman Khan
Ashfaqur Rahman Khan Prieš 9 val
I prefer metal on back of a phone.
Joshua Agyare
Joshua Agyare Prieš 9 val
How can I contact you privately
Hrushikesh Paithankar
Hrushikesh Paithankar Prieš 9 val
the best back a phone has ever had is the sandstone finish in One Plus 2. They should've made that the identity of the brand.
Abhinav Prieš 9 val
Best finish carbon fiber
BranoSヅ Prieš 10 val
Elias Penkkimäki
Elias Penkkimäki Prieš 10 val
You missed the perfect opportunity to review Asus Padfone 1 !!! The ZTE Axon M solves actual problems for hardcore users (use twitter and twitch the same or facebook and browser), it's shortfalls are the lack of power and outdated software which make it almost as painful experience as just swapping apps on 1 screen. I have one as a daily driver at the moment. I agree I have only once used the copying screen feature, it was at a "conference" where it enabled our whole table to view a video together, instead of having people watching the video on their own devices on the opposite side of the tablke with slightly unsynced audio. but it was only once during 2 years so yeah.
AMIT Singh
AMIT Singh Prieš 10 val
praveen kumar
praveen kumar Prieš 10 val
Idc what material a smartphone uses... But it should feel like glass😝
Aarya Golande
Aarya Golande Prieš 10 val
2050 School going smartphones
Sri Vishal Payaniappa
Sri Vishal Payaniappa Prieš 10 val
Rouses are Red Violets are Blue I got clickbaited and So did you!
your mama シ
your mama シ Prieš 10 val
2090 *self walking telephone*
Luisa Cortes melo
Luisa Cortes melo Prieš 10 val
The lg g4 was my fav phone. Cause it had the leather backing. It felt very nice on the hand. It also felt less slippery.
Just some guy eating Ramen
Just some guy eating Ramen Prieš 11 val
is this one of the videos where he Fakes the ad or is this a real video?
Blaze. Prieš 11 val
hol up how many phones do you have
Imperfect Sabrina
Imperfect Sabrina Prieš 11 val
The fact that these phones are launched years back from todays phone
सौrabh Mishra
सौrabh Mishra Prieš 11 val
BHARATIYA raise your hands.👍👍
Kosireddy Harshavardhan Reddy
Kosireddy Harshavardhan Reddy Prieš 11 val
Any finish I will throw a case on it and then even the case break with time. 😂
Jay Romeo
Jay Romeo Prieš 12 val
Talks about a scratch on a self healing mobile phone - uses a sharp knife the majority of us would keep in our trouser pockets.
Lemo 442
Lemo 442 Prieš 12 val
Self healing phone.....Jerryrigeverything : Hold my beer 🤣😂🤣😂
Mian Daniyal Qureshi
Mian Daniyal Qureshi Prieš 12 val
Watching on moto z2 force...! Slim, slim, slim....Love 😍
Raptor Gaming
Raptor Gaming Prieš 12 val
Lol Im literally watching this on a iPhone 6S +
An supposibly Odd commentor
An supposibly Odd commentor Prieš 12 val
Deadpool's gonna love to see this
Kayson Chandler
Kayson Chandler Prieš 12 val
The foldable looks like a ds
dragon master
dragon master Prieš 12 val
its officially the Deadpool of phones
ᐯOIᗪ ᕼᑌᔕKY
ᐯOIᗪ ᕼᑌᔕKY Prieš 12 val
2030: self mending cars Ö
TheDestroyer55e Prieš 12 val
everyone in the comments: *talking about jerryrigeverything* me: you all noticed the kurzgesagt video around the 2:40 mark right
Anime Kicks
Anime Kicks Prieš 12 val
I hope that phone can heal my broken heart JUST KIDDING HAHAHA
Katherine Ambe
Katherine Ambe Prieš 9 val
So truuuuueeeee 😪
Lorena Perez
Lorena Perez Prieš 13 val
I actually remember tango!!! I wanted it on my phone since my mom had it (i thought it was so cool). But my phone wouldn't support it :( Edit: yeah she had that asus at the time
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Prieš 13 val
You're not meant to scratch it that deep! That's why it didn't work, cutting isn't scratching
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prieš 13 val
thought thinner and thinner... But in the end, all customers want is a good product...
Plasma Glow Music
Plasma Glow Music Prieš 13 val
Freak80MC Prieš 13 val
You act like folding phones don't solve anything, when the whole point of them is they DO, the issue of phones being too fucking cramped and small and being unable to multitask! Sure not everyone cares about that fact, but some (including me) do and people act like we don't exist and that foldable phones are therefore useless, but tons of us DO exist who want these things! Even if we are a niche, the fact that we exist disproves the whole "haha useless folding phones nobody wants those" So folding phones solve those issues, and makes phones more like portable PCs, then what they currently are now. Phones are a pain to use as a daily driver if you are a big PC user, like me, so I only ever use it when it's absolutely needed (and that's even with buying a big screen phone, since I thought going from my small ass ipod to that would help make it feel less cramped but no, it still feels like I never have enough room!)
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prieš 13 val
For me the Nexus 5 did it the best. I just wish it would be the same for phones now in the size they are now. I feel I almost have to have a case now. With he Nexus 5 I didn't.
JEROME BRIMON Prieš 14 val
2050: Starhfish phone will be invented
Green Gaster
Green Gaster Prieš 14 val
My pixel 4 can last almost 3 and a half hours on 1 percent low brightness
रोशन Prieš 14 val
If you're here because of title & thumbnail Then skip to 8:00
Dave-Matt Gonzales
Dave-Matt Gonzales Prieš 14 val
Ahh yes the yoda company now I can help de my phone in a book shelf and forget about it
James H
James H Prieš 14 val
i honestly never cared about thinness
Jude Davies
Jude Davies Prieš 14 val
Radium. Best finish out there.
Shazad Hassan
Shazad Hassan Prieš 14 val
I had that ZTE axon it was great
Anonymus Prieš 14 val
Are you Neplese
CSCJB Prieš 15 val
I'd want a synthetic diamond phone tbh, that hardness and scratch resistance..
Just watching ffs
Just watching ffs Prieš 15 val
Wasn't the galaxy nexus a curved phone back in the prehistoric days of Android?
Andrew Florence
Andrew Florence Prieš 15 val
The flex phones weren't able to heal razer scratches that well.. it was moreso for abrasions from coins or keys
I actually had a curved phone
Apple is not what it used to be.
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